Integrating skills for the workplace for Hospitality students

25 OCTOBER 2017
Author Tracey Holloway talks about how units of holistic competence in the new edition of Cambridge Hospitality will assist students during their work placements.

“The holistic units are designed to be undertaken concurrently with the study of other modules over the period of the course. The units are designed to assess the integration of individual skills into real jobs and work units over a period of time. Students are required to show the application of skills in a workplace environment under typical workplace conditions to ensure the integration of skills and consistency of performance in different circumstances.

Units incorporate aspects of preparing, cooking and serving a variety of menu items for a service period, and encompass a range of basic cooking methods. These units bring together skills and knowledge covered in individual units, and focuses on the way these must be applied in a commercial kitchen.

The focus is not on the skills already assessed in the prerequisite and other units of competence, but on bringing previously assessed competencies together in a real job role in a typical commercial workplace environment.”

The Teacher Resource Package for Cambridge Hospitality Fourth Edition supports teachers in implementing changes to this course by providing an extensive selection of resources including activities, work sheets, multiple choice questions and answers to all activities. More information on Cambridge Hospitality Fourth Edition here.

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