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Cambridge Preliminary Business Studies Second Edition


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Cambridge Business Studies Second Edition helps students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed for success in Business Studies.

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Third Edition of this title also now available.

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PDF Textbook chapters

  • Preliminary pages

  • Chapter 1: The role of business

  • Chapter 2: Types of businesses

  • Chapter 3: Influences in the business environment

  • Chapter 4: Business growth and decline

  • Chapter 5: The nature of management

  • Chapter 6: Management approaches

  • Chapter 7: Management processes

  • Chapter 8: Management and change

  • Chapter 9: Small to medium enterprises

  • Chapter 10: Influences in establishing a small to medium enterprise

  • Chapter 11: The business planning process

  • Chapter 12: Critical issues in business success and failure

  • Chapter 13: An investigation of aspects of business using hypothetical situations

  • Chapter 14: Preparing a small to medium enterprise business plan

  • Chapter 15: Dictionary and index

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  • Study Toolkit

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    AFR Business Case Studies

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 7

    Fair Work Australia

    Chapter 10

    Australian Government's principle business research
    Hospitality and restaurant management
    Directory of the franchise council of Australia
    Australian Securities and Investment Commission
    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

    Chapter 11

    Company statements and slogans

    Chapter 14

    Babybuds Pty. Ltd.


    Marianne Hickey, Tony Nader, Tim Williams