Brian Hoepper awarded 'Excellence in History Education'

16 JULY 2019
Congratulations to Cambridge author, Brian Hoepper

Cambridge University Press would like to congratulate one of our authors, Brian Hoepper, who recently received an 'Excellence in History Education' award.

The Dr Russell Cowie ‘Excellence in History Education’ Award 2019 was presented to Dr Brian Hoepper by Kay Bishop (QHTA Patron) on 29th June 2019 during the Queensland History Teachers’ Association State Conference.

We are proud to have Brian as the lead author of our recently published textbook, Senior Modern History for Queensland.

Here is the official citation certificate outlining Dr Hoepper's achievements:

"Awarded to Dr Brian Hoepper for excellence and his unparalleled leadership in History education. He is recognised by the Queensland History Teachers’ Association as an intelligent, passionate, innovative and inspiring teacher and leader, who has shaped the teaching and learning of History in Australia in a myriad of ways. As a classroom teacher, Brian has been instrumental in developing a love of history in secondary students and inspired his tertiary students to become skilful, passionate and dedicated teachers. As an interesting and thought-provoking presenter at conferences, he has motivated and equipped teachers around the nation to enhance their pedagogy and, as a researcher, writer and editor of History texts, he has provided all with invaluable teaching and learning resources. Additionally, Brian’s dedicated advocacy of History education and contribution to curriculum development and implementation have been truly outstanding. For all these reasons, Dr Brian Hoepper is deeply admired and respected and, as such, is extremely deserving of the 2019 Dr Russell Cowie ‘Excellence in History Education’ Award.”

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